work experience

freelance software engineer
April 2020 - present
  • Shipped a minimum viable product built with React / Material Design, GraphQL / Apollo, and Auth0
  • Wrapped an existing REST API with GraphQL / Apollo
  • Implemented new UI/UX from designer mock ups, e.g., collapsible sidebar, modal interactions, responsive layouts, screen width dependent designs
  • Consolidated two React/Retool applications into one for maintainability
  • Updated printable-to-PDF financial reports composed of React components to match new designer mock ups
  • Integrated Algolia's React InstantSearch with a design framwork for performant customized components
  • Migrated a Flask application to React & Ant Design to launch an MVP for a fast deadline
  • Digested New Relic reports and logs in order to determine which parts of a client's application needed fine-tuning
  • Added GraphQL queries and mutations to a Ruby on Rails application
  • Integrated a front-end and back-end application with LaunchDarkly for feature flag management and A/B testing
  • Integrated a front-end application with a custom event tracking solution
  • Integrated a front-end and back-end application with Auth0 for a custom authentication experience

full stack software engineer
January 2018 - October 2019
Paris, France
  • Helped create an engine which is responsible for parsing and interpreting PayFit's own proprietary language JetLang which describes complex financial language like social laws and collective agreements (feature parity with a legacy Angular application)
  • Created a React application used internally to create the definitions mentioned above (feature parity with a legacy Angular application)
  • Became the technical owner of the interpreter of said proprietary language
  • Developed an API agnostic data-fetching module used in multiple environments (browser, node, etc.)
  • Enforced better coding practices through linting and augmenting code coverage throughout various codebases
  • Revamped client facing excel exports so that they were more readable and prevented the user from inputting incorrect data
  • Migrated all of our repositories from Codeship to CircleCI for faster builds and better configurability

front end software engineer
July 2014 - November 2016
OpenGov, Inc
Mountain View, CA
  • Acted as ScrumMaster throughout 4 quarters, ensuring success of scrums by resolving blockers and keeping the scrum aligned
  • Migrated the production database from MySQL to PostgreSQL
  • Developed and deployed an internal analytics site to give insight as to how often and when entities on our platform are using our products using, Salesforce, and Google Analytics as sources
  • Developed an application to give entities fine-tuned control over how they present their entire financial structure outwards to citizens as well as internally
  • Developed an application which allows local governments on the OpenGov platform to find similar entities based on various metrics (proximity, population, revenue, etc.)
  • Developed an application which gives local governments the ability to configure their public transparency sites (reports, attached documents, etc.)
  • Maintained a utility which acted as an application harness that all of apps depended on
  • Worked on the unification of the front-end architecture (consolidation of modules, migrating repositories to consume up-to-date dependencies)
  • Updated large amounts of old code with new language constructs and preferred styles to avoid code smells and bad practices



JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, HTML, CSS, SASS, GraphQL, SQL


React, Redux, Next.js, Bulma, Ant Design, Material UI, Jest, Lerna, Babel, Express, Webpack, PostgreSQL, Docker, Apollo


GitHub, Auth0, JIRA, CircleCI, npm/yarn, git

previously used

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Relay, MongoDB, Python, AWS


Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
BS in Computer Science, May 2014
Dean's List
Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013


Outstanding Lower Division Award In Computer Science, LMU
April 2011
Eagle Scout
April 2010


commercetools Associate JavaScript Developer Certificate
Mar 2022 - Mar 2024
React (Basic) Certificate - HackerRankview certificate
September 2020
JavaScript (Basic) Certificate - HackerRankview certificate
September 2020
Certified ScrumMaster - Scrum Alliance
July 2015 - July 2017

spoken languages

English (native) / French (fluent)
Polish (fluent) / Spanish (conversational)

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